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  1. Because we are pioneers in university education in the performing arts. We are the theater college.
  2. Because the spirit of integration of content and transversal perspective of interdisciplinary studies generate the needed which aims to meet the growing demand for versatile professionals able to develop in the current landscape of the performing arts.
  3. Because our teaching staff is expert. The teaching staff consists of specialists working professionals in performing arts. Great actors and actresses, directors and large, are your teachers. Training in performing arts can only be managed by leading professionals in the field. The students of the Degree will be trained by the best teachers in their field, thanks to our close relationships with the professional world. Those who see the theater, the cinema and television... will be your teachers!
  4. Because we are in the yolk of the performing arts in Catalonia. Girona and Salt have a prestigious international performing arts. Reviewing the quality of theater festivals in the same industry and cultural and performing arts, you can see that these studies have already the best showcase to project internationally.
  5. Because your work premiered at an international festival. What career offers the possibility, once, to start working? We have transformed the current educational models and we have made a new one based on contact with the most important contemporary artists, which specializes in practical training that will lead students to present their work at an international festival performing arts.
  6. So you get a double degree: Top-up. You can do a fifth year in a UK university.
  7. Because we have all the necessary technology and infrastructure. The new headquarters of the ERAM, Cultural Factory Coma-Cros, the Science and Technology Park, Bloom center 3D and Emerging technologies and the Business Incubator Salt, among other guarantee infrastructure perfectly adapted to the needs of demanding studies in this regard.
  8. Because we are a vocational college. From the first day combine theory and practice. We can integrate new technologies in the arts, we are the first school to be merged into the same space that are front and behind the camera thanks to our two degrees.
  9. Because the classes are not overcrowded. We limit the number of seats to provide a quality learning and personalized to the student. This makes it a university with a family atmosphere, close and personal, that could give students a personalized service.
  10. Because we attach great importance to creativity.


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