"ARXIPÈLAG" - Project for the Festival of light VIBRA 2018 of Girona

Performing Arts


This is a joint initiative of VIBRA, Festival of the light, the Market of La Volta and the Degree in Performing Arts of the ERAM, that have collaborated to create in an emblematic space of the city, like is the Assumpció's place of the neighborhood of Sant Narcís of Girona, a whole followed by actions that have as a starting point elements as everyday as they are a table and a chair. From here, the students of the ERAM have created twelve installations halfway between the performing arts, the visual arts and the digital handicraft, which include categories as different as the performance, the body art, the theatre of objects or the contemporary dance.

In this production, the students have been accompanied by Jordi Duran i Roldós and Melissa Caminho, professors of the GAE to the ERAM. Both emphasize that the development of the project has been very enriching because the collaboration between three institutions has been direct, intense and horizontal. Everyone wanted to learn. The intimacy in the public space has been specially worked, giving value to the neighborhood of Sant Narcís as a community engine. The result is very varied installations of small format, a landscape that also looks for the dialogue with the stops of the Market of La Volta.




Jordi Duran, Melissa Lima


Carla Coll, Alex Solsona, Aina Kohler, Jaume Pujadas, Helena Rodriguez, Marc Ambite, Gerard Saliné, Jordi Pasqual, Andreia Garcia, Ariadna Grau, Laia Solés, Camille Latron, Ferran Gordillo, Aina Berenguer, Alexander García





Helena Rodriguez

Helena Rodriguez