Alfredo Sanzol, Xavier Albertí and Josep m ª Miro, winners of the MAX Awards

The Max Awards of the Performing Arts, were created in 1998 by the General Society of Authors and Publishers, with the aim of rewarding and recognizing the work of the professionals and the quality of the most outstanding productions of the year.

The MAX Awards reward teachers linked to the Degree in Performing Arts since its foundation. Xavier Albertí who has received the Max to the best direction is the ideologue of his study plan. Josep Maria Miró is the professor of the dramaturgy of the same degree and Alfredo Sanzol has given different seminars within the same subject. The three creators accumulate a multitude of awards and recognitions in their trajectories and perfectly represent the philosophy of the Degree in Performing Arts of recruiting teachers among the elite of the country's scenic profession.


Best theatrical authorship
- Josep Mª Miró i Coromina for "Temps Salvatge".

Best Scene Direction
- Xavier Albertí for "Temps Salvatge".

Best Theatre Show
- "La Tendresa" (Alfredo Sanzol) Theatre of the City and Theatre of the Abbey

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