Jordi Duran Roldós

Escenic Creation

Escenic Creation

Jordi Duran Roldós has a degree in Catalan Philology (UdG) and in Hispanic Philology (UdG), as well as a Master in Inclusive Education (UdL, UVic-UCC and UIB).

He has also studied Stage Direction and Dramaturgy at the Institute of Theatre (ESAD). Since the year 2008 is responsible for the artistic project Dimitri Ialta, from where he has combined his facet as a creator with the Artistic Director of FiraTàrrega (2011-2018), co-director of the Master in arts creation in street FiraTàrrega at the University of Lleida (2013-2017) or university teacher in the Master in cultural management of the Master in cultural management of the UIC (2010-2017).

He is currently Professor of the Degree in Performing Arts at ERAM (UdG) and a resident artist of the project "Planters", by ConArte, a program based in the regular presence of creators at public educational centers, that work in a coordinated way with the specialits teachers from each school.