Joan Planas Bertran

Interactive design

Interactive design

With a master’s degree in Cognitive Systems and Interactive Media from the Pompeu Fabra University in 2012, Joan Planas is a co-founder of Domestic Data Streamers and the company’s current CTO. Domestic Data Streamers is a company dedicated to capturing and displaying data through interactive installations.

His professional career has always been linked to the world of new technologies, through various interactive installations and ephemeral spaces. Joan studied Interactive Design at the University of Lincoln (UK).

He has been awarded the 'Ciutat de Barcelona' prize in the design category (2014), and twice the ADG Laus prize for his interactive installations (2012 and 2013).

He currently divides his time teaching Interactive Design at ERAM and creating new interactive installations for various companies and organisations such as NIKE, UNICEF, Spotify, Tate and the multinational BASF among others.

His works have been exhibited in various galleries in Barcelona such as the CCCB, the Dhub, and the contemporary 'Kinetica Art Fair' in London, Berlin and Dubai, among others.