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Below you will find the payment options for the studies.

  • Credit cost for EU citizens is 106 €
  • Credit cost for non-residents and non-EU citizens is 158,3€ (for more information contact with

    OPTION 1: Monthly financing

    Pago inicial de 1900 euros + 10 cuotas de 446 euros *
    *This fee is in the case of enrolling for an entire course (60 credits)

    Nota: las tasas de matrícula de la UdG no están incluidas en la cuota (coste aproximado 175,92 euros)

    OPTION 2: Single payment

    If you prefer, you can make a single payment, in which case you will get a 3% discount on the final price.

    OPTION 3: Payment in 2 installments

    If you choose this option you will enjoy a 2% discount on the final price.

    OPTION 4: Payment in 3 installments

    If you choose this option you will enjoy a 1% discount on the final price.

    Form of payment simulator

    Want to know how much you'll pay each month? With this simulator you can make an estimate of the monthly payment you will pay according to the credits you enroll in and if you choose the installment payment option or choose the financing option. The purpose of this tool is to know the estimated investment you will make in the studies and does not in any case imply the final price of tuition.


    3.180 €/course
    106 € €/Credit


    initial fee + 10 monthly payments


    63.60 €/Saving


    The ERAM University School has always had a very important social and social involvement aspect, which is why it wants to help students with limited financial resources by offering 5 scholarships.

    5 beques - EU ERAM

    5 Scholarships

    5 scholarships that represent a discount on the final price of the DEGREE.

    -2.500 € - EU ERAM

    -2.500 €

    To get a discount of up to 2000 euros

    Criteris - EU ERAM


    Have a high school average or CFGS of at least a 7. Be in section 2 of family income. Have Spanish nationality.

    15 maig de 2023 - EU ERAM

    May 15th

    Data de finalització

    General Scholarships from the Ministry of Education and Vocational Training (MEiFP)

    As a student of the degrees in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication, and in Performing Arts, you can apply for the general and mobility scholarship for university students awarded by the MEC.

    30 crèdits - EU ERAM

    30 créditos

    Tienes que matricular un mínimo de 30 créditos (primer segundo semestre), excepto si finalizas estudios.

    Requisits - EU ERAM


    Requisitos generales, académicos y económicos (de renta y patrimonio).

    Terminis - EU ERAM


    Del 27 de marzo al 17 de mayo de 2023

    Beques Premis Recerca

    These awards aim to bring students closer to higher education in an area of ​​proximity and collaboration between secondary schools and the University of Girona.

    1 beca - EU ERAM

    1 Scholarship

    A research award scholarship

    - 1200 € - EU ERAM

    - 1200 €

    A reduction equivalent to the public price in the enrollment in the centers attached to the UdG EUSES and Escola Universitària ERAM, exclusively for the academic year 2023-2024

    Criteris - EU ERAM


    Candidates must be high school students and aim to enroll in an official course at the University of Girona for the 2020-2021 academic year.

    17 de març de 2023 - EU ERAM

    March 17, 2023

    Until march 17 to apply