Una mirada perduda

End of degree project


"Una mirada perduda" is an audiovisual experience which promotes the normalization of creative blocks via audiovisual narrations.


The feeling state is flexible. It is bound to the perception of reality, which is unique and subjective. The way of responding to it determines our acts. Creative blocks arise from an unfounded fear to confront the beginning of a new project. It produces incapacitation.
Una mirada perduda tries to unravel creative blocks in order to understand and overcome them. The heart of the project consists in an animated video which tells an everyday story. It takes advantage of empathy to communicate a message through subplots.
The aesthetic surrounding the project is sober and calm in order to treat emotion through auditory stimuli. The response to the experience comes from the level of understanding of the message and remains unbiased from other chromatic or shaping choices which determine a perceptive tendency.




Marc Plana


Daniel Morales

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Daniel Morales

Daniel Morales