TRILÖK - A Hijra community

Performing Arts


A foster home. An adoptive mother. A new family. A family exactly like other families, that lives in community and is dedicated to it. We tell you the story of this family that is not by blood, but because of fate. We will say many things, and surely none will be true.


Artistic file:

Co-creation: Harpreet Gill and Flor Laiño

Director: Harpreet Gill

Text: Claudia Ferrer


  · Berta Calvo

  · Diego Jurado

  · Guillem Coca

  · Flor Laiño

  · Nicolás Morizon

Choreography: Maria Illa

Production: Harpreet Gill and Flor Laiño

A co-production of: ERAM University School

Musical Production: Marc García

Makeup: Mireia López

Acknowledgments: Xicu Masó; Eduard Molner; Llorenç Corbella; Marga Socias; Simran Raghuvir; Gerard Ríos; Yolanda Moreno; Quim Gibert, David Monaco

With the collaboration of: El Safareig Teatre de Salt, UdG, UdG, Teatro Ateneu de Celrà


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Harpreet Gill, Flor Laiño



Flor Laiño

Flor Laiño

Previ Següent