The learning for decoding the audiovisual narrative

End of degree project


The project consists of creating an app that will teach the users to analyze the color in the audiovisual content through films. This app will consist of mini-games that will lead to the analysis of several films, where the user will interact to discover the meaning of every color actively.

The new generations are continuously bombed by audiovisual content, but they did not receive a formation to help them understand the audiovisual narrative. So, they keep being passive spectators and, therefore, manipulable. The project is conceived to improve this situation, giving tools to the students and the educational centers to help the pupils to develop the critical eye in front of this media. The audiovisual narrative is that wide that it is unsustainable in one project. Therefore I have decided to focalize the project on one of their tools, color.

For transmitting this information, I’m going to use a game. The reason why is that while playing, we let the student learn particular content, and at the same time stimulating the mental energy and therefore increasing their motivation for doing that. I will realize a series of workshops to discover what is intrinsically fun about watching and understanding a film’s messages. These workshops will help to build the mini-games that I’m going to use to teach color in the audiovisual narrative context.




Carolina Rúa


Laura Bisbe

App flow video


Laura Bisbe

Laura Bisbe