The film post-production sound

End of degree project


Creating a professional profile as a sound designer

The intention of this work is to reflect about the world of sound design, and determine the elements that need to be part of this professional level. It is known that to create or innovate with language, it is essential to know everyone else, or at least that you want to experiment. Therefore, it is essential to take a tour of all the stuff that surrounds sound in cinema, because it is the only way to find out if it is possible to create a personal brand through this and, from there, get consolidar- as a sound designer. For this reason, after researching the origins and current status of the sound film, will be implemented this knowledge and other technicians already acquired through two post-production sound real two film projects with in order to obtain a result that helps to create a brand me as a professional sound film.




Marc Plana


Ferran Company

Postproduction result

Sound creation Process



Ferran Company

Ferran Company