ÈTER - Project for the Festival of light VIBRA 2018 of Girona

Interactive design


Who knows how many years ago, the sages already explained the legends about the world of Ether, the world beyond the clouds. In the dark night, this dream space comes to life and lights up, and its inhabitants know that the time has come to prepare a new storm. The flowers begin to vibrate to awaken all the fauna, the "girallunes", vigilant and protective of this world, don't take the eye off and the mosquitoes buzz nervous to put the ingredients in the pond of rain. And it is that some of the storms of the Earth are loaded with a message chosen by the inhabitants of the world of Ether.

When the night falls and the lights illuminate Girona, open your eyes well and the magic that will make you vibrate with water, earth and technology will appear. Will you miss this world of creativity?

Directors: Jordi Márquez and Pol Valverde




Jordi Márquez


Albert Sánchez, Marc Vila, Ernest Forts, Laura Bisbe, Janet Gutiérrez, Pol Valverde, Ferran Castelló, Hans-Simon Ludwig, Fátima Perez, Santiago Cros, Jordi Bosch, Marc Vila, Abel Martinez




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Albert Sánchez

Albert Sánchez

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Marc Vila

Ernest Forts

Ernest Forts

Laura Bisbe

Laura Bisbe

Janet Gutiérrez

Janet Gutiérrez