Emotional Anesthesia

End of degree project


The creation of a photobook that deals with animals in captivity and the production of pigs for the consumption of meat.

"Humans have created a process in which there is an improvement towards the conception and respect towards other species on the planet. We have learnt to observe, to show interest in their behaviours and how they interact with the planet. However, this is not enough. Unfortunately, human ambition towards economy is more determinant than any other personal ethic.

There are two misconceptions where ignorance is mostly present, even for animal lovers. The first one, which goes unnoticed, is the conditions in which the animals that we eat live, the ones that we take our nourishment from. The second one, that does not go so unnoticed, is captivity. This one, however, is covered up inside the objectives of the centres, like conservation and education.

Therefore, this project becomes a photobook made of pictures that illustrate these two issues: animal captivity and slaughterhouses. It helps to emphasize and to have a better knowledge of them.





Francesc Font


Maria Dolors Moncayola

Galery captivity



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Maria Dolors Moncayola

Maria Dolors Moncayola