"Efímers"-Sample of performative facts 2018-2019

Performing Arts


"Efímers" is the performative fact sample made on February 8th, 2019. A critical look at the age of Anthropocene from Posthumanism.

In conclusion of the subject of the second course Expressions of Contemporary Culture, to the care of the teacher Judit Vidiella, the students created and triggered a series of performances that reflected around issues such as anthropocene and climate change from a posthumanist gaze; Gender stereotypes; The historical memory... And they did so through the exploration of contemporary performance languages, the review of rituals, the land art and Site Specific facilities.

The itinerary began in the Coma Cros and finished in the Pla dels Socs of Salt. Along the way the actions were happening, some of which invited the participation of the people attending.


- Manifestation (The discourse)

- (In)Somnia (furniture)

- Anthropophagy (cutting clothes in intimate parts)

- Pachamama (The girls with the bells)

- Dust, ruins, slander (Garrofa)

- Fertile words (poems in the ear)

- 5 Islands (conference with people winding plastics)

- Sensuorial (sensory dress)

- Reliquary (Cutting hair)

- Singing to Nature (song to the trees)

- Cradle (The nest)

- Flow (dresses and blood)

- Liquid state (naked girls in the river)

- The Awakening (the haka)




Judit Vidiella


Paula Miriam Piñana, Andrea Sancho, Marina Andreu, Eva Grabuleda, Maria Cambil , Nekane Bea, Guillem Coca, Bintou Mballo, Ane Da Silva, Harpreet Gill, Alejandro Ferrandiz, Dolça Alcanyís, Tània Matas, Elvira Fàbrega, Carla Sacristán, Clàudia Ferrer, Irene Pérez, Macarena Carolina Guevara , Aina Casadevall , Clàudia Caparroz, Aina Cots, Betty Manau, Berta Castells , Gemma Isern, Carles Rossell, Raquel Romero , Flor Laiño