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End of degree project


The theme of this project is the use of illustration in different media under the same personal brand, with a central axis, the tattoo.

You can see how from some illustrations they can be applied not only to the sale of those same but also that they can be applied to other media such as fashion and tattoo. We will be able to see how the base illustration is acquiring different techniques as well as the quality of it being perfected to be applied in the different media.

Throughout the work it is dealt with what is the tattoo, its origins, its course throughout history, social stigmas that existed and exist today, the different styles and the evolution of such, the making and realization of the tattoo, analysis of tattooists that are assimilated to my style, tattoo techniques and how to adapt my illustration to tattoo and fashion, which will also have its study of textile techniques and physical tests as well as tattooing. All this information will be the basis for making art under the same personal brand, which will also be developed from scratch.




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