Pere Puigbert wins award for best documentary at SEMINCI with "El vent que ens mou"

The documentary is produced by David Gimbernat with his producer DDM Visual.

The wind that moves us, a feature film made by Pere Puigbert, has been awarded and released in the DOC section. Spain of the 66th Seminci last Thursday, October 28, with its producer and partner David Gimbernat who has concluded the film as "a little gem." Together they have fought for their project to the end and they have done a great job.

This feature film tells the story of different people who share the same territory and cultural legacy, however they have different lives and setbacks, where it is the cold and sober wind of northern Catalonia that connects them, thus referring to the key to the history “the wind that moves us”. Then, the intention is made clear starting from a more local aspect to speak a subject that surpasses us, where the concept of the wind is the thread of all the history.

The director, in an interview with # 66Seminci on YouTube, comments on phrases such as It's not about understanding, but about feeling or it's about closing cycles, about undressing in front of the camera, that wind that moves us. This is how he defines this project, a reality beyond us, where it is the wind that connects with our interior and that of other people. In addition to adding that, this documentary shows its maximum essence alongside the presence of his family, especially his grandmother and son, dedicating this feature film mainly.

The producers have shown their joy and gratitude in the room for sharing the screening with them. We must be grateful that you are here because it is where everything makes sense, said Puigbert. On the other hand, David Gimbernat expressed his happiness to be part of Seminci We are very happy to be in this city that pampers so much cinema and, above all, this type of art that is so difficult for us to do, he added.


Congratulations mates!