Miquel Bisbe

Represents officially at the ERAM University School. He is in charge of the management, organization and operation of the center.

Academic Management Area and Secretary General

Jess Robles

The Academic Management Area offers personalized service and attention to the university community by carrying out the processes related to the access, admission and enrolment of the students of official teaching. It also carries out several procedures (recognitions, closing of the qualification acts, processing of titles and European Supplement to the title, issuing of certificates, academic management of the mobility...), the economic management of the tuition and the concepts Associated with this and other procedures and the management of scholarships and grants for the students of the ERAM.

Economic Management Area

Isabel Ros

The Economic Management Area deals with the economic, financial and budgetary management of the School of Management Foundation (ERAM University School). Prepares, drives and manages the general budget and its closing process, and prepares the annual accounts. It also deals with the accounting of economic-transcendence operations.

International Relations Area

Carolina Martínez

The International Relations Area is concerned with promoting the establishment of institutional linkages with other national and international universities, centres and institutions for the development of academic projects and the coordination of the programmes of International exchanges (ERASMUS, Prometheus, Seneca) together with the ORE (UdG's External Relations office).

Corporate Communication and Social Networks Area

Cristina Guillot

It is responsible for the organization and management of information and the projection of institutional character and its treatment and transformation in communication products, in any support; the design and implementation of new channels and services of internal and external communication and the support, in these fields, to the university community; the design of the corporate visual identity of the university. It also works to improve the positioning of the corporate image through the management of the web, the social networks and the various digital channels.

ICT Area

Ernest Forts

The ICT Area provides all services in the field of information and communication technologies and puts them at the disposal of teaching, research and university management. These services involve mentoring, maintaining and installing computer equipment, networks and applications, coordinating web spaces, virtual campuses and teaching platforms in addition to ensuring specific management applications, their operation and adaptation to the needs of the community.

Computer and Web Area

Albert Sánchez

The computer service has as functions to support the planning, management, control and coordination of computer resources to support the management, teaching and research of the University; its programming and exploitation; The start-up and quality control of the necessary programmes; The development of computer applications; The coordination of the implementation of new tools and computer projects, and the maintenance of the applications in operation.

Infrastructure and General Services Area

Quim Gibert i Nita Buisán

The Infrastructure and General Services Area is concerned with the management of infrastructures and new facilities; the logistic services of concierge and maintenance; of attention to the user, both in person and by telephone; and other general services related to the efficiency and sustainability of the equipment.

Marketing Area

Jess Robles

The Marketing area is responsible for implementing the policies of recruitment, promotion and loyalty of the university. The main objectives are the recruitment of students of new access to the official qualifications and the offer of continuous training and the loyalty of the current students and the prescribing publics. It is present at the fairs, organizes the open day, the lectures of university orientation, the specialized workshops and creates the publicity campaigns and the strategies of dynamization.

Institutional Relations Area

Natàlia Ferrer

Establishes links with the agencies and institutions in which the ERAM University School participates, in addition to establishing and strengthening collaborative relationships with companies and institutions in the territory. Otherwise, it is the area responsible for the elaboration and follow-up of the educational cooperation agreements.

Quality Area

Miquel Bisbe

The Quality Area supports the government bodies of the UdG in the design, implementation and monitoring of the evaluation and improvement of quality and planning programs according to the general policy of the university.

Human Resources and Selection Area

Miquel Bisbe

The Human resources and organizational area, directs, coordinates, promotes and evaluates the people management programs and manages and coordinates the PAS service and the PDI service. Otherwise, it has as functions to manage personnel selection processes.