El cocodril de fil

Graphic design


Design and development of the brand El Crocodil de Fil through the premise of sustainable fashion.

Over the last few centuries, the way in which we produce and consume textile goods has undergone a great change. First with the Industrial revolution and later with globalization, the manufacturing process has been optimized and the costs have been lowered, but all to the detriment of the environment and the workers in this industry, especially those of the developing countries.

A disconnection has been created between the client and the producer, and the appreciation for the well-made things has been lost, and the quality of the products. Currently, but, we are living a value revolution, where ethics are recovering, and where consumers are realizing the impact of their actions. More and more, sustainability and fair trade are being considered as indicators when it comes to consuming, not just the final price. This work proposes to redesign the brand El Crocodil de Fil, through an ethical and sustainable premise, to be faithful to its values.

It will consist of a new logo, design of contact cards and packaging, new product models and the adaptation of the web page to the new design and contents. A video will also be made, where the process of creating a product will be taught, and where the values of the brand will be transmitted. All this will be promoted through social networks, to make known the brand, where they will carry out various marketing actions on-line to grow their presence in the networks.




Judit Vidiella


Yolanda Peregrín





Yolanda Peregrín

Yolanda Peregrín