Álvaro Robles

Álvaro Robles




Colorism, Edició

After studying Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia production in ERAM, Álvaro went to Lincoln University, United Kingdom for a year to do a Bachelor in Lens Media in the video specialty.

When he returned from England together with two students who had also studied in ERAM, they decided to start an audiovisual services company in Girona. During this stage they made advertisements for local televisions and video clips as "luces" of the Catalan rumba group Gertrudis.

After this he decides to look for new projects in Barcelona to specialize in video editing, and works as a freelance editor doing post-production work for programs like Redes 2.0. That approached us through interviews and reports to business projects undertaken in our country.

From 2009 and until now works for the company Hunter & Gatti, a branding and fashion advertising agency, as editor and colorist of various productions of Zara, Mango, Massimo Dutti, Swarovsky, Kocca among others.