End of degree project


Wearable technology; from where does it come, where is it now and where is it going. This project also presents a wearable device that gives the user the information about the pollution situation in his environment.

We live in a time where the technology goes so fast. Every day new technologies appear that allow us to be connected with the rest of the world. In this project, we focused in the wearables, devices that have been used for many years and that now, with the current technology that we have, is a big influence in the life of every person. The wearable concept nowadays is a set of technologies adapted in order to be carried easier with us (in our body or in our clothes).

This project focuses on the wearable technology and makes a review about his origins, where is it now and where is it facing, to know how this technology can give us upgrades. We'll see that we need to have a functional wearable, and we are going to investigate about his communicative purpose.

The project will be accompanied with a wearable device that allows the user to know the pollution situation in his environment at real time, through a viewing in the same wearable. This device will be designed to be carried in differents parts of the body.




Jordi Márquez


Òscar De Dalmases



Corporate handbook



Òscar De Dalmases

Òscar De Dalmases