Cossos que m'importen

End of degree project


Photographic book that aims to change the vision that we have on the body of women and that wants to stop the aesthetic pressure that is being lived.

The following study is intended to analyse how symbolic violence towards women's bodies has influenced the freedom of the female gender. There have been 10 case studies of women, educated in the decade of the 90, to see what their experience was and how it has been their growth in a society mainly concerned with female aesthetics. 

The main objective has been to produce a photographic book where the protagonists were girls, to let record that the majority of women have gone through physical complexes that have influenced their day to day and have generated an uneasiness towards their body.

However, although we have internalized as normal the mortification of the body to achieve ideals of beauty, there is more and more critical awareness in its response. The project aims to strengthen the different female bodies to abolish a pressure that moves us away from freedom. 




Judit Vidiella


Sara Cabarrocas



Sara Cabarrocas

Sara Cabarrocas