Con el coño

Performing Arts


Once upon a time there was a cabaret where they were still doing shows. Where the autotune hadn't arrive yet and everything was live and true. Where the actresses made mistakes because they were still people. Once upon a time there were four girls who refused to surrender to failure.


Artistic file

Creation, performance and direction: Aina Casadevall, Aina Cots, Elvira Fàbrega and Tània Matas

Musical production: Aina Casadevall and Tània Matas

Audiovisual support and photography: Alba Angullo

Lighting: Arnau Olivé

Acknowledgments: Begoña Alberdi, Melissa Caminha, BTM, Xavier Masó, Xicu Masó, Eduard Molner

A co-production: Escola Universitària ERAM (UdG)

Collaborating: Escola de Dansa Nou Espiral, Teatre El Cana




Tània Matas, Elvira Fàbrega, Aina Casadevall , Aina Cots