Anomalía y excepción

Performing Arts


Maria needs to understand why her life has reached the point where it is now and uses the stage to put words to her thoughts. With the help of Claudia and the music of Carles, he explains memories of his childhood and adolescence where his mother and his deep love for her, his father, creator of the story that gives the title of the piece, and his sister Ana and him appear. abyss that separates them. A reflection on the limits of family relationships, the influence of religion on our thinking, love, sexuality and identity.


Artistic file

Dramaturgy and Direction: Maria Cambil

Director's Assistant: Andreia García

Interpreters: Maria Cambil, Clàudia Ferrer y Carles Vidal

Scenic space: Ignasi Albarado

Costumes: Maria Boquera

Lighting: Pep Arumí

Sound space: Carles Vidal i Arnau Oliver

Photography: Iris Medina

Graphic design: David Alsina

Artistic advice: Xicu Masó, Sílvia Escuder

Co-production: Escuela Universitaria ERAM

Collaborating: La Espiral, Teatro el Canal.

Acknowledgements: Eduard Molner, Sílvia Escuder, Eva Ferré, Asociación La Intemperie, to everyone who directly or indirectly appears in the text, to everyone who has read me.




Maria Cambil