Xavi Bové Fernández

Interactive design

Interactive design
Internet of things

Visual composer. Director of FIMG, international Festival of mapping of Girona.

Of technical training as a Telecommunications engineer, he soon gave the leap to artistic expression, always seeking to create bridges between art and technology, and between artistic disciplines, mainly visual and musical. In this tour he has directed numerous operas, concerts and recitals from the Gran Teatre del Liceo in Barcelona, he has signed the artistic direction of the staging of musical bands (both pop, as well as rock and electronic), he has created advertisements, video clips and art pieces as well as live projections and mapping for musical events on unconventional surfaces such as trees, airplanes, cars, balloons, etc.

Besides, it is constant researcher on the relations between the emotions and the mathematics, as well as the stimuli and the senses, the known synesthesias effect. His projects have reported a long list of awards and recognitions.

In recent years he has specialized in the applications of the mapping technique. He has directed and worked in different projects of this technique at international level and has participated in several festivals of light and mapping around the world. He imparts seminars and lectures on the subject and is currently the director of the FIMG, the International Festival of mapping of Girona.