Verónica Navas Ramírez

Escenic Creation

Escenic Creation

Performing artist: towards the live arts with audiovisual, writing and comics in tow. Offstage, she's active in theatrical communication, audiovisual script and collective processes of artistic accompaniment and learning in secondary and university education settings.

She has a degree in Stage Direction and Dramaturgy (Institut del Teatre), a Master's in Film and Television Script (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid and ALMA - Scriptwriters Union) and a BA in Audiovisual Communication (Pompeu Fabra University).

As a theatrical author, her focuses of interest are the relationship with the viewer, the documentary, the site-specific, the field recording, urbanism or the word from the subjective gaze, the trace, the detail, the accessory, the printing press, the intimate.

She has shown her own creations and collaborations in Spain, Germany, Uruguay and Argentina, in contexts such as the Temporada Alta festival in Latin America, the Grec Festival in Barcelona, ​​the TNT Terrassa Noves Tendències festival, Pradillo Theater, FITZ! - Zentrum für Figurentheater, the Antic Teatre Espai de Creació or the SÂLMON festival.

Her last two premiered scenic pieces have been "La Ciudad" y "Hasta Agotar Existencias (Ensayando para que la muerte de mi madre no me pille desprevenida)".

Photo: Maria Mathison