Marc Plana Botey



Professor, screenwriter and researcher at the SGR GEHUCT research group of the philosophy department of the UAB. As a teacher, he has worked in different schools and has supervised the execution of short films in the EU ERAM and at the University of Staffordshire. As a screenwriter, he has written from cartoons to radio, documentaries or short films for Neptune, Minnim, TV3 or la Ser radio channel. He has also participated in the documentary series L'Excusa, MAC Award 2010. He is currently producing his first short film, L'hoste. As a researcher, he made the thesis in the department of philosophy of the UAB, entitled La Il·lusió de Llibertat al cinema manistream. He has also worked in several research groups on ethical and moral philosophy of the philosophy department of the UAB: “Justícia i democràcia: cap a un nou model de solidaritat”, “La construcció de la ciutadania en l’ètica contemporània” and “Fraternitat, Justícia i democràcia”. He is interested in the dynamics of the construction of concepts and political practices in common knowledge, -in concrete, the media-, which convert daily life into a vector (discrete but massive) of injustice and inequality. From a similar perspective, he has worked and collaborated in several social projects, mainly in Latin America.



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