Joan Agramunt Pi


Photography direction

Joan is an audiovisual filmmaker, photographer and director of photography. He has always been very clear about where he wanted to orient his professional career, and the school has served him to open the doors of the world of fiction, specifically in the field of photography and camera management.

After completing the Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia production in the ERAM, the Leonardo Da Vinci project took him to Liverpool, where he had the opportunity to work as director of photography in the production company

Since then he has been director of photography of several projects for CrossCountry trains, WindGames, or Tv3 (with the documentary Navigam) and several video clips. He has also worked as a photographer for Bacardi, Martini, Adidas or Primavera Sound. He has worked for international prestige brands such as Coca-Cola, Evax, Ikea and Desigual.

Currently, in addition to working on several projects, is responsible for the realization of audiovisual and photographic content for ERAM and teaches the operation of camera and editing for international students and students ERAMzeta.