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Gabriel Sevilla Llisterri



PhD in Media Studies at the University of Valencia (2010), he has delivered courses on Spanish and European cinema, on literary and film analysis at the University of Geneva (2004-2014). As a researcher, he has collaborated in projects on narrative production and comprehension at the University Pompeu Fabra (2016-2019) and Durham University (2016-2017). He has obtained the tenure-eligible lecturer accreditation from the Catalan University Quality Assurance Agency (AQU Catalunya).

His main publications are:

- (2019, in press). “Une tragédie à dominante musicale: Œdipus Rex de Cocteau- Stravinsky”, Paris, Hermann.
- (2018). “Persians on French Television: An Opera-Oratorio Echoing the Algerian War”. In Rebecca F. Kennedy (coord.). Brill's Companion to the Reception of Aeschylus (ISBN13: 9789004249325).
- (2008). Tristana, by Benito Pérez Galdós. Critical edition with Isabel Gonzálvez (ISBN: 978-84-376-2495-2), Madrid, Cátedra.


Interested in the sociology of art, cognitive narratology and the interplay between cinema and theatre.

2023 (in press): Jordi Coca. El teatre de Shakespeare en el seu context, Barcelona, Edicions de 1984, in 452ºF. Revista de Teoría de la Literatura y Literatura Comparada. Review

2023 (in press): Manuel Aznar Soler y Felipe Nieto (eds.), Jorge Semprún. Teatro completo, Sevilla, Renacimiento, 2021, in Signa: Revista de la Asociación Española de Semiótica, No. 32 ( Review

2022 (in press): “Une tragédie à dominante musicale: Œdipus Rex de Cocteau-Stravinsky”, Paris, Hermann. Paper

2020: Sevilla, G., Hinzen, W. "El lenguaje, clave en la esquizofrenia", in Mente y Cerebro, 32-43, No. 104. Paper

2020: Hinzen, W., Slusna, D., Schroeder, K., Sevilla, G., Vila, E. "Mind - Language = ? The significance of non-verbal autism", Mind & Language 35 (4), 514-538
( Paper

2018: “Persians on French Television: An Opera-Oratorio Echoing the Algerian War”, in Brill's Companion to the Reception of Aeschylus (ISBN13: 9789004249325), coordinado por Rebecca F. Kennedy. Book chapter

2018: Çokal, D., Sevilla, G., Jones, W.S. et al. “The language profile of formal thought
disorder”. npj Schizophr 4, 18 ( Paper

2018: Sevilla, G., Rosselló, J., Salvador, R., Sarró, S., López-Araquistain, L., Pomarol-
Clotet, E., et al. “Deficits in nominal reference identify thought disordered speech in a narrative production task”. PLoS ONE 13(8):e0201545 ( Paper

2015: coordination of the issue “Le récit comme acte cognitif”, in Cahiers de Narratologie (ISSN: 1765-307X), No. 28 ( Paper

2014: José Luis Téllez (2013), Paisajes imaginarios, Madrid, Cátedra, in EU-topías. A
Journal of Interculturality, Communication and European Studies ( Review

2014: “La triple tension narrative: chrono-topique, pathétique, télique”, in Cahiers de
Narratologie (ISSN: 1765-307X), No. 26 ( Paper

2014: “Trois langages pour la tension narrative: L'apprenti sorcier de Goethe, Dukas,
Disney”, in Storytelling et tension narrative (ISBN: 978-2-343-02495-0), Paris, L'Harmattan. Book chapter

2012: “La Epifanía según Albert Serra: El cant dels ocells como lectura posmoderna del metarrelato cristiano”, in Composiciones de lugar (ISBN: 978-84-9940-556-8), Asier Aranzubia, Carmen Arocena, Pilar Carrera e Imanol Zumalde (eds.), Madrid, Biblioteca Nueva. Book chapter

2011: “Internet como síntoma en Vila-Matas”, in Campos abiertos (ISBN: 9-788499-539973), Barcelona, Linkgua. Book chapter

2008: “Pascual Duarte, entre picaresca y conductismo”, in Territorios en red (ISBN: 9-788497-428569), Madrid, Biblioteca Nueva. Book chapter

2008: Tristana, de Benito Pérez Galdós. Edición crítica con Isabel Gonzálvez (ISBN: 978-84-376-2495-2), Madrid, Cátedra. Book

2007: El modelo cruzada. Música y narratividad en el cine español de los años cuarenta (ISBN: 978-84-9742-674-9), Madrid, Biblioteca Nueva. Book

2006: “Dos Antígonas periféricas”, in Extravío: revista electrónica de literatura comparada n°1 (ISSN: 1886-4902), Valencia. Paper

2003: “Música y puesta en escena en Raza, de José Luis Sáenz de Heredia”, in Boletín
Hispánico Helvético n°1 (ISSN: 1660-4938), Madrid. Paper