Study and analysis of images as vehicles of meaning. Learning to read images contributes to bring to life the interpretation and vision of the cultural codes that students are acquiring in this subject.

Learning outcomes:

  • Develop the conceptual and methodological framework to analyse the processes of meaning creation.
  • Define the didactic and conceptual elements that serve to objectify visual problems that the artist has to deal with during the reading and preparation of the message.
  • Promote a reflective and critical attitude with the aim of generating visual awareness processes.
  • Reflect on visual communication and study the iconic nature.




María García Vera

Maria Garcia Vera is an actress, creator and stage director. It has been formed in Spain and France in dramatic Art, film and dance. Investigate the relationship between film, scene and body. He studied interpretation in Paris and at the Institut del Teatre de Barcelona and cinema at the Sorbonne and at Pompeu Fabra University (PhD in Communication and master in contemporary film and Audiovisual studies). She is formed in dance Body Weather with Andrés CorkMan. As a young creator has the support of the Porta (National Dance Award 2012) in 3 processes of Creation and Occupations, with the First and Second Micrologic pieces (La Caldera, Estruch, Teatro Pradillo, Párraga Center, Museum of Contemporary Art Santa Monica) Co-created jointly with the director and actor Juan Miranda (colectivo Vera Miranda). As a performer and creator has worked, among others, in the plays, Sapucay (Juan Miranda-Chorma Teatre, Temporada Alta, Grec Festival, FiraTárrega, Sala Hiroshima, festival FIDCU Uruguay 2017), Kopfkino, Mariona Naudin, The Detectives (Festival Salmon 2016, Mercat De les flors, Scene Poblenou 2016, FID 2017, Antic Teatre, Festival de dansa Metropolitana 2018), Dance festival to save the world (Miguel Ángel Blanca, Manos de Topo, Festival of live music of Vic, Antic Teatre, Seismograph Festival, the ships of Valencia, Atlantis Film Fest, Barcelona districte Cultural), Werner or the blue of the origins (Vera Miranda, Room Hiroshima, Granor, La Pedrera dansa Ara, Festival ACT Bilbao, Animal with L'Esquena, December in Dansa).  During 2018-2019 will debut her second and third feature film as an actress, Ardara and the Magnetic fields, while preparing with Cia The Detectives and the collective Vera Miranda their next stage pieces. This same year has been selected to participate in the international meetings of young creators organized by the Festival TransAmériques de Montréal, FTA.