The Bachelor Dissertation is an individual piece of research and writing on a single subject, which is completed in the final year of the degree under the guidance of a supervisor. It is then evaluated by an internal Academic Committee.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe a relevant area of audiovisual communication and/or multimedia.
  • Identify research methods.
  • State research questions.
  • Identify literature for review.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate the knowledge and understanding in relation to the agreed area of study.
  • Integrate theory and practice.
  • Develop responses on the basis of the evaluation and analysis undertaken.
  • Communicate in written or other forms (i.e. graphic design, cinema, photography, etc.) by integrating, analysing and applying key texts and practices.
  • Demonstrate advanced critical research skills in relation to career development or work-related learning studies.





Pere Puigbert Esponellà

Graduated in Audiovisual and Multimedia production at the ERAM, in the Bachelor of Media Productions at the University of Northampton and specialized in non-linear digital Editing for Cinema, Video and Television at the Instituto Superior de Diseño (IDEP). He Has worked as an editor in film and television production companies, such as Alea Docs & Films. Currently, he works as a freelance filmmaker and editor, and combines it with his work as a teacher in the ERAM. He is passionate about "creating poetry" through audiovisual art, and this has been reflected in his cinema. An example is the audiovisual project Anima Naturae, which won a Prize G! of communication of the Costa Brava Tourism Board Girona (2014). This Project became a traveling audiovisual exhibition throughout the 2015-16. Nature is a central theme in the last works he has done, we see it in the short poetic Phantasma. This audiovisual experiment with sound, making use of the binaural recording technique, looking for a contrast between the echo of modern society and the sound of nature. He has also won awards such as the Girona Film Festival (2009), with Tomàs Mallol: les meves reflexions, or a Nanook award from the Curt. Doc Festival (2013) with the short film Després de la pluja. Another of his works is Fades, a medium co-produced with Televisión de Catalunya and aired on the program "Taller. Doc", on Channel 33. He has recently completed the assembly of a documentary and just embarked on an audiovisual project, which wants to capture the flow of a river and become a new audiovisual exhibition traveling.