The Bachelor Dissertation is an individual piece of research and writing on a single subject, which is completed in the final year of the degree under the guidance of a supervisor. It is then evaluated by an internal Academic Committee.

Learning outcomes:

  • Describe a relevant area of audiovisual communication and/or multimedia.
  • Identify research methods.
  • State research questions.
  • Identify literature for review.
  • Critically analyse and evaluate the knowledge and understanding in relation to the agreed area of study.
  • Integrate theory and practice.
  • Develop responses on the basis of the evaluation and analysis undertaken.
  • Communicate in written or other forms (i.e. graphic design, cinema, photography, etc.) by integrating, analysing and applying key texts and practices.
  • Demonstrate advanced critical research skills in relation to career development or work-related learning studies.





Judit Vidiella Pagès

Fine Arts Degree  (1999) and PhD (2009) from the University of Barcelona (UB), quality mention with her doctoral dissertation "Embodiment practices and contact pedagogy: an approximation to the performance studies". Accredited as a associate lecturer (2009) and as lecturer (2018) for the AQU. Member of the inter-university doctorate programme "Arts and Education: a constructionist approach", coordinated by the UB (University of Barcelona), UdG (University of Girona) and UGR (University of Granada). From 2001 to 2013 she taught at Fine Arts University (UB), coordinating the Master of Teacher Training in the specialty of Drawing. From 2013 to 2015 she worked as Assistant Professor at the Universidade de Évora, Portugal, being the director and teacher of Mestrado em Ensino das Artes Visuais and the Grade em Educação Básica. Since 2015 is part of the ERAM team, as coordinator and teacher of the Degree in Performing Arts, and teaching also in the Degree of Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia.  Member of the ERAM ERAMSCI Research Group (Analysis and creation of audiovisual and scenic contents in contemporary culture) (GRAD0003), and collaborator of the consolidated research group of the UB ESBRINA (contemporary subjectivities and educational environments) (2017 SGR 1248, 2014 SGR 632); of the REUNI+D Network (University Network for Educational Research and innovation); From the internacional network Another Roadmap for Arts Education; and the group Col·lectivaccions (2014-2017), which performed mediation and collaborative practices in artistic contexts, and that in the 2016 was part of the projects selected in the call of start ups of Fabra y Coats, Factory of creation in Barcelona. She has co-directed the International Festival of Performance eBent, in its ninth and tenth edition 2009 and 2010. She did two stays abroad: in 2004 at the Essex University, Colchester, with Dr. Joanne Entwistle, in the Master Sociology of the Body. And in 2005 at Goldsmiths College in London, in the Visual Culture Department, Performance Studies program with Dr. Gavin Butt. She is Peer Review of the scientific journals: Gender and Education; Arte, Individuo y Sociedad of the Complutense University of Madrid; Eari Art Education, University Institute of Creativity and Educational Innovations (Universidad de Valencia); and Sin Objeto. Interested in Arts Based Research, Cultural Pedagogy, Performance Studies, Body Theories and Feminist Practices.