Concept and definition. The dramatic action, character construction, theatrical time and space. Character and performer, the different theories about the conformation of the character from the interpretation. Analysis and concept of the scene. Configuration of the dramaturgical project.



Josep Maria

Josep Maria Miró Coromina

Author of the works L’habitació blanca (2020), Temps salvatge (2017), Olvidémonos de ser turistas (2017), Cúbit (2016), La travessia (2015), Obac (2014), Estripar la terra (2013), Fum (2012), Nerium Park (2012), El principi d’Arquimedes (2011), Gang Bang (Obert fins l’hora de l’Àngelus) (2010/2011 -Autor residente en el Teatro Nacional de Cataluña-) or La dona que perdia tots els avions (2009), among others. His texts have been translated into twenty languages ​​and have been released in more than thirty countries. He has received numerous awards and recognitions, such as the XXII Max Prize for Spanish Performing Arts 2019 for best author, the prestigious Born Prize - twice, in 2009 and 2011, and finalist in 2015-, the Frederic Roda in the LXV Nit de Santa Llúcia - Festival of Catalan literature or the Jaume Vidal i Alcover, among others. The European translators association EURODRAM has selected his work Temps salvatge among the three best texts released in Catalonia in the last two years. He is also the author of various dramaturgies, such as L'amic retrobat (2019), L’Aplec del Remei (2016), Neus Català, un cel de plom (2015), Esperança Dinamita (2014), Los libres cautiverios de Ricardo y Leonisa (2014), Com si entrés en una pàtria (2010), Cocaïna, absenta, pastilles de valda i cafè amb llet (2009) or 5 contes diferents (2010). He has directed his own texts and works such as El carrer Franklin (Lluïsa Cunillé), La voix humaine (Jean Cocteau i Francis Poulenc) or the creative shows within the cycle of Liturgical Dramas in the Monastery of Santa Maria de l'Estany in the editions 2009/10/11. Since 2013 he has been a member of the reading committee of the National Theater of Catalonia. In the 2015-2016 academic year, he joined the Dramatic Arts Degree in the Bachelor of Performing Arts at the University of Girona. He has also taught numerous national and international courses, workshops and seminars. He has a degree in directing and dramaturgy from the Barcelona Theater Institute and in journalism from the Autonomous University of Barcelona. As a journalist, he has worked at Radio Nacional de España (RNE), COM ràdio, El 9 Nou and has collaborated with media, such as Catalunya Radio, La Xarxa or the UNESCO Magazine for Catalunya.