This course is formed around a collective project about staging, oriented by a teacher in organic functions as the scene director: ideological reading of the text, approach and specification of the technique and interpretative needs, rehearsal, repetition and physical training and justification of the aesthetic and ideological chosen options. Determination of the needs of the scenography and production. The play will be chosen from the set of plays that start from the beginning of dramatic writing to the XVIII century.



Xicu Masó Turón

Actor and theatre director of long trajectory was formed in the Teatre Lliure in Barcelona, as assistant of direction of Fabià Puigserver and Lluís Pasqual. In 1977 he founded the Talleret de Salt, the theatre school El Galliner de Girona and the producer La Mirada. His last directions include "El mestre i Margarita" by Mikhail Bulgakov (Teatre Lliure, 2004); "L'home dels coixins" of Martin McDonagh (Teatre Lliure, 2009); "Petits crims conjugals" by Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt (Teatro Poliorama, 2011); and "Mequinenza" an adaptation of narrative texts by Jesús Moncada (TNC, 2012). In the season 2013/2014 has directed the manager of "Harold Pinter" (Teatre Lliure) and also "El cantador", a text by Serafí Pitarra in the workshop room of the TNC. His latest works as an interpreter include pieces such as "Adiós a la infancia", from the narrative of Juan Marse, directed by Oriol Brogi (2013); "Els feréstecs" by Carlo Goldoni, direction of Lluís Pasqual (2013); "Molly Sweeney" by Brian Friel, directed by Miquel Górriz, (Quim Masó 2011 Award); "Una comedia española" by Yasmina Reza, directed by Silvia Munt, (2009); "El silenci del mar" of Vercors (Jean Bruller), direction of Miquel Górriz (2008); "Tres versions de la vida" by Yasmina Reza (2008); "La mel" by Tonino Guerra, directed by Miquel Gorriz (2005); "Oncle Vània" of Txékhov, direction of Joan Ollé (2004); "El fantastic Francis Hardy" by Brian Friel, directed by Xicu Masó (2004) or "Víctor o els nens al poder" by Roger Vitrac, directed by Joan Ollé (2002), among many other works. 

Sílvia Escuder Vilaltella

She teaches the subjects of Techniques of the voice and the singing and Reproduction of the human behavior together with Agnès Monferrer and Xicu Masó. Degree in Dramatic Art (Institute of Theatre of Barcelona) and Postgraduate in Theatrical pedagogy in 2007 at the University of Vic. She has the title of music (music and harmony, 1986) and the elementary piano title by the Conservatory of Girona. She has a Degree in History from the University of Barcelona (1993). She obtained the scholarship of Actoral Recycling Studies in 1997 (Government of Catalonia) and in the course 2000-2001 (Fullbright Scholarship) studied in New York (USA). Thus she continued her training as an interpreter with several stays in New York: between august 1997 and july 1998 studied the techniques of dance and corporal movement with Barrio Estes; music theater with Virginia Gibson and performance with Carol Goodheart, Salem Ludwig and Jeanne Kaplan, in addition to English diction with Ruth Berkovitch, all in the Herbert Berghof Studio in New York. In 1999 she carried out a dubbing course for postgraduates of the Theatre Institute, taught by Jaume Comes. During the course 2000/2001 she completed her training in New York. In addition to a complete new course in the H.B. Studio with Carol Goodheart and Barrio Estes, she made fencing subjects with Joe Daly and vocal technique and singing with Jack Waddell. During the same course she joined the Sity Company (NY) where she received training in the Suzuki training (elementary and higher levels) and Viewpoint (elementary and higher levels) for a quarter. She also received training at the Actors Center in New York, with Slava Dolgatchev (advanced technique); Jed Diamond (interpretation of Shakespeare); Jane Nichols (physical comedy and clown); Por Brahe (mask) and Felix Ivanov (actorial movement). In the same city she took courses of interpretation for film and television at the school for Film and Television and the Stella Adler School, in addition to a course of art comedy with Lydia Biondi and Enzo Aronica in the GLB.  She has worked as a theatre and film actress in renowned productions in Catalonia, at national and international level with F/X Productions (Científicamente Perfectos, 1995), BB Productions (Vecinas, 2007) or NY University (Roosevelt Island, 2000). She has also worked on television series such as El cor de la Ciutat (2004) or Secretos de familia (1995). She is also a professor and theatre director conducting shows such as Desitjar viure en un pais sense vent, by Fernando Joanmiquel (2012), or Ismene Apres Creonte, by Janot Carbonell (2011). As an actress, she has worked in several productions under the orders of Xicu Masó (Molière), Lurdes Barba (Víctor Catalán), Lluís Burset and Lluís Baulida.

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