Practical realization of a theatrical performance, taking into account the different facets of the performing world, interpretation, dramaturgy, stage direction, and stage design.



Eduard Molner Closas

History doctor, cultural programmer and writer. Chief of studies of the degree in Performing Arts of the ERAM University School attached to the UdG, professor of dramatic literature. Doctor in History of Cum-Laude (2017) with a thesis presented at the University of Barcelona: El Paral·lel fent país : impacte i percepció de l’oferta escènica de Paralel 1892-1936. Degree in Geography and History: specialized in Contemporary History at the University of Barcelona and Postgraduate in cultural management, at the Pompeu Fabra University. Curator of the exhibition Paral·lel 1894-1939 barcelona i l'espectacle de la modernitat, which could be seen in the center of Contemporary Culture of Barcelona, ​​from November 2012 to February 2013, with Xavier Albertí (prize of the Association of Art Critics of Catalonia and Aplaudiment FAD Sebastià Gasch 2013). It colaborates regularly with the Cultures supplement of La Vanguardia and has collaborated with the magazines Pausa, Hamlet, Avenç, BCN Metropolis, Serra d'Or, the newspaper Avui or the magazine Altair. He has also participated in editorial projects of Enciclopedia Catalana and the Ramon Llull Institute. He has been the producer of two editions of the Festival of Contemporary Music organized by the Auditorium of Barcelona and responsible for contents of the communication department of the Teatre Lliure. Between 2005 and 2009 he scheduled more than 500 minutes of the lecture series on reading Vine a fer un cafè amb... and also scheduled the It Emergents theater cycle between 2010 and 2016 produced by the Festival Grec, Firatàrrega, Temporada Alta and the Institut del Teatre. He has advised the theatrical programming of the 2011 Kosmopolis festival and has taught at the Institut del Teatre. Recently he has been awarded in the first edition of the Teresa Cunillé Prize for the best study on the history of Catalan theater (November 2019). He is part of the research team of the Pleasurescapes research project. Port Cities ’Transnational Forces of Integration funded by the Agència Estatal d'Investigació (AEI). Reference: PCI2019-103743 3. He is part of the research team of the research project "Móns virtuals al cinema dels orígens: gadius, estètica i public" funded (qualification A) by the Agència Estatal d'Investigació (AEI). Reference: PGC2018-096633-B-I00. The principal investigator is the professor of the University of Girona Ángel Quintana Morraja. Selection of some publications: · Bisbe, M., Molner, E., Jiménez, M. (2019) "Public intellectuals, political satire and the birth of activist public relations: The case of Attic Comedy" Public Relations Review. Ref: PUBRL_2018_563_R1 · Molner. E. (2014) "Theatre and performance in small nations" Catalan Journal of Communication & Cultural Studies. Tarragona, Spain, Rovira i Virgili University, Pp. 153-163.· Molner, E. and Albertí, X. (2012) Carrer i escena. El Paral·lel 1892-1939. Barcelona, Spain, Viena Edicions.· Molner, E. (2009). Sala Beckett 20 anys. Tarragona, Arola editors · Molner, E (2009). Pròleg a Lleons and La América de Edward Hopper, de Pau Miró and Eva Hibernia. Barcelona, Editorial Proa.