Study and analysis of stage signs in their rhetoric configuration, on the semiotics of the theatrical performance, on the basics of dramatic theory, and how it transfers to the contemporary scenic syntaxis. Study and analysis of the theories of the representation of the different historical periods and the embodiment of interpretation.



Carolina Martínez López

Doctor of Fine Arts (UCLM), DEA in "New Cultural and Artistic Practices" (UCLM), Bachelor of Humanities (UCLM) and Diploma in Scenic Interpretation (Training Center and Theater Research La Casona, Barcelona). She also has the Certificate of Pedagogical Aptitude. During the degree (in addition to starting to act as a cultural curator and performing his own stage work), she trained in performing arts abroad thanks to three scholarships, at the Institute for Dramaturgi (University of Aarhus, Denmark), the Theater School of Tandil (University of the Center of the Province of Buenos Aires), and the Graduate in Arts (Federal University of Minas Gerais, Brazil). She taught classes and seminars in the last two. She also trained in Spain with scenic creators such as Juan Loriente (La Carnicería Teatro), Óscar Gómez (L’Alakran), and choreographers such as Olga Mesa and Mónica Valenciano. At the research level, she participated as a hired researcher and collaborator in different national projects in the areas of performing arts and cinematography. She is currently a collaborating researcher of the national project “Virtual worlds in the cinema of origins: devices, aesthetics and public” –connected with the University of Chicago and Paris 3 Sorbonne Nouvelle–, and the European “Pleasurescapes. Port Cities ’Transnational Forces of Integration”. She is the editor and translator of a book about the filmmaker Maya Deren (2015), and has different indexed publications on documentary cinema, documentary theater, video dance and artistic education, these four being her lines of research. As for her teaching experience, since 2015 she is Professor of the Performing Arts Degree at the ERAM University School (University of Girona), and previously was Associate Professor at the University of Castilla-La Mancha (Faculty of Fine Arts and Faculty of Education Sciences, Cuenca). At the academic management level, she is Responsible for the International Area and has been Academic Coordinator of the Performing Arts Degree of the ERAM School (UDG), and was Coordinator of the Dance Classroom of the University of Alcalá from 2008 to 2010, and Secretary in the Summer Courses of El Escorial of the Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2012 and 2014). Laborally, apart from her teaching and research career, she worked as a professional actress until 2008, and has worked for several years as a cultural and cinematographic manager: as Head of Production of the International Film Festival Women in Direction (2007 to 2009), and Coordinator of the International Film Week of Valladolid (SEMINCI) (2010 to 2015) and the Spanish Film Week of Cuenca (2016 and 2017). She is currently part of various film and scientific selection committees. She is an academic of the Academy of the Performing Arts of Spain, and participates as author in the three volumes of the History of Contemporary Dance in Spain that is being coordinated by that entity.