The Degree in Performing Arts, as an official degree, consists of 240 ECTS credits, which are equivalent to a minimum period of 4 years.


When finalizing their studies one of the requirements is to obtain the title of Degree in Scenic Arts is to attain the knowledge level of B2.1 in the English language.



Subject TA Cr
Dramatic Literature I: From the beginning to the Middle Ages B 8
Dramatic Literature II: From the Modern Age to the present day B 8
Dramatic Theories I: from Greco-Roman to Renaissance B 6
Acting Skills: Reproduction of the Human Being’s behavior (Scene intepretation) B 9
Acting Skills: Voice and Singing B 9
Stage Creative Project I. (Starting to know your body) OB 10
Stage Creative Project II. Text (Staging) OB 10


Subject TA Cr
Dramatic Theories II: From baroque to the present day B 6
Theatrical Dramaturgy (Theatrical writing) B 8
Scenography bases. (Scenographic) B 6
Acting Skills: Dance OB 9
Acting Skills: Body Language (Understanding of the body skills) OB 9
Stage Creative Project III: Musical theater (Musical staging) OB 15
Contemporary Cultural Expressions: (Artistic manifestations of the second half of the 20th century - Today) OB 7


Subject TA Cr
Stage Creative Project IV: Audiovisual Production OB 15
Audiovisual Dramaturgy (Television and film screenplay) OB 9
Emerging Technologies Applied to the Stage (New Stage Technologies) OB 6


Subject TA Cr
Performing Arts Management and Production OB 9
Complementary seminars OB 20
Internship OB 10
Final Degree Project OB 15
Academic Recognition OB 6

* Of these electives students must do four during the third year and two during the fourth year


Subject TA Cr
Direction of actors OP 6
Stage direction: Methodology and project development OP 6
Public Spaces Performance OP 6
Stage performance: human behavior OP 6
Stage performance: Dance II OP 6
Stage performance: Body language OP 6
Stage performance: Voice II OP 6
Audiovisual technologies OP 6
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