Top-up: your internationalization

One of the main objectives of the Uniersity School ERAM is to ensure professional success of our students. In this regard crucial importance of internationalization. We learned in those fifteen years of experience, which allows international students find better jobs and get better wages.

For this reason we offer our graduates the option of a fifth year, 4 + 1, which allows them to get a double degree from making a top-up to DeMontfort University (Leicester, Uk).

5 years get two university degrees.


Which top-up offer?

What advantages do a supposed top-up?

  1. Specialization: 4+1 formula allows pursue specialist studies in a professional field which became, ultimately, output professional student. This option completes all general studies.
  2. Get a double degree: On completion of studies may choose to directly enter the third year of different english Bachelors and thus get a second degree in that specialization official wishing.
  3. Life experience: Logically, live for a year in another country, the uniqueness of that society and culture different from our own, is a life experience that will always grow as people.
  4. Competition Languages: Those who choose to make a top-up perfectly able to master the English language in the field of speaking and listening. This aspect is crucial to the global world we live in now.


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