Actor of theater, actor of cinema and television, actor of publicity, actor of musical theater - scenic singer, dancer (modern dance, contemporary and commercial dance), bender, contemporary circus interpreter and paratheatric arts, interpreter of theater of objects and performer.


Director of the scene, Choreographer, Director of interpreters for cinema and television, director of art for cinema, television and new formats, director of musical scene (lyrical / commercial), Creator of scenic arts in alternative spaces (site specifics, street performing arts), creator of shows for large audiences (macro-scene)


Dramaturg, scriptwriter of cinema and television and scriptwriter of new formats in the new communication technologies.

Technical management

Technical director of scene (coordinator of the areas of light, sound and machinery), stage designer and technician in emerging technologies applied to the scene.

Management and production

Theatrical producer, audiovisual producer, event producer, management of performing arts companies, management of scenic equipment, entrepreneurship in the field of performing arts, professional performing arts applied to the third sector (social marginalization, international cooperation) and creator of spectacles.

Leisure and tourism

Scenic arts critic, scenic tour guide / Creation of a scene applied to heritage and cultural manager.

Teaching of performing arts

Professor of dramatic arts (stage interpretation and direction), professor of art direction (stage design), professor of dance schools or conservatories, dancers, choreographers and cultural monitors.

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