Mastering techniques that reproduce human behavior.

Management and production

Theatrical, audiovisual and event and festival producer, stage equipment manager, entrepreneur in the field of performing arts and coaching in companies.

Education and research

Professor of interpretation, stage direction and dramatic theories and literature in primary, secondary and university education and in theater and dance conservatories. He access to a doctorate.

Scene creation, direction and Dramaturgy

Creator and stage director, choreographer, director of performers for film and television, creator of performing arts in alternative spaces, creator of shows for large audiences, technical and artistic director of the scene. Playwright, screenwriter for film, television and new formats.

New stage professions

The performing arts are useful and necessary in other professional fields such as:

  • Expression coach for managers
  • Stage therapist
  • Social intervention in performing arts
  • Expert journalist
  • Scene creator applied to heritage.
  • Logotip ERAM