Preregistration for access to graduate studies in Performing Arts is formalized by Internet address

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You can check the June 2020 cut-off notes here


Preregistration data

Name: Degree in Performing Arts

PIN code: 81045

University: University of Girona








 Weights for the 2020

Branch of arts and humanities
Musical Analysis 0,2
Audiovisual culture 0,2
Artistic drawing 0,2
Fundamentals of the Arts 0,2
Greek 0,2
History of Art 0,2
Latin 0,2


Branch of arts and humanities (not linked to the PAU)
Applied Anatomy 0,1
Performing Arts 0,1
Economy 0,1
History of music and dance 0,1
Hostory of the contemporary world 0,1
Universal literature 0,1
Language and musical practice 0,1
Plastic-graphic expression techniques 0,1
Volume 0,1
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