Culture, cinema and musical awareness. The basic grounds of the audiovisual language will be explored through the learning of the basic narrative elements and music composition for cinema.

Learning outcomes:

Part A) Culture and Cinema:

  • The importance that cinema has had throughout the cultural, social and political history of the 20th and early 21st Centuries.
  • To discover that many of today’s audiovisual proposals have their origins in the cinematic past.
  • How art and social and political movements have influenced cinema, and how cinema has influenced art, society and politics.
  • Analyse visually and narratively different stylistic periods and specific films of the most significant filmmakers.

Part B) Musical awareness:

  • Broaden the sound experience through listening to film music, experiencing the expressive richness and its emotional implications in relation to specific cultural contexts.
  • Explore the basic grounds of the audiovisual language by learning the basic narrative elements of composition for cinema.