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The Degree in Audiovisual Comunication and Multimedia, as an official degree, consists of 240 ECTS credits, which are equivalent to a minimum period of 4 years.

At the end of the studies, one of the requirements to obtain the Degree in Audiovisual Comunication and Multimedia is to certify a knowledge of level B2 in English.

Segell aqu GCAM

The academic year began on September 12, 2022 and ends on June 30, 2023.


UdG CodeSubjectTACr
3157G04005Film LanguageB9
3157G04002Image Theory and AnalysisB10
3157G04023Introduction to Graphic DesignB9
3157G04001Aesthetics and Art TheoryOB4
3157G04010Audiovisual and Sound TechnologyOB4
3157G04016Audiovisual Project IOB3
3157G04011Camera Operation and LightingOB4
3157G04012Digital Sound Design and CreationOB5
3157G04009Editing Theory and TechniqueOB5
3157G04013Introduction to MultimediaOB3


UdG CodeSubjectTACr
3157G04027Audiovisual and Multimedia ProductionB6
3157G04008Contemporary ExpressionsB3
3157G04025Creative Methodologies and TechniquesB9
3157G04018Creative projectB6
3157G04003Culture and thought B8
3157G04014 Multimedia technologyOB9
3157G040153D IOB6
3157G04024Graphic Design ProjectsOB9
3157G04004Sociology and communication theoryOB4


UdG CodeSubjectTACr
3157G04019 Transmedia Project ManagementOB9
3157G04029Business CreationOB6
3157G04026Ideas generation workshopOB6
3157G04006Narrative Structures and DevicesOB4
3157G04007Videographic ScriptOB5


UdG CodeSubjectTACr
3157G04045Bachelor DissertationOB12
3157G04044Internship ProgramOB10
3157G04022Transmedia Project: ExpressionOB5
3157G04020Transmedia Project: IdeaOB5
3157G04021Transmedia Project: ToolsOB10
Reconeixement acadèmicOB6

*Of these electives students have to make four during the third course and two during the fourth course


UdG CodeSubjectTACr
3157G040313D IIOP6
3157G04034Audiovisual DesignOP6
3157G04032Audiovisual DirectionOP6
3157G04042Audiovisual Project IIOP6
3157G04043Complementary SeminarsOP6
3157G04052 Creative technologiesOP6
3157G04040Immersive realityOP6
3157G04033Interactive DesignOP6
3157G04030Multimedia Technologies IIOP6
3157G04036Script writing and developmentOP6
3157G04039Sound DesignOP6
3157G04041Video editingOP6
3157G040353D IIIOP6
3157G04047Actors directionOP6
3157G04051Art directionOP6
3157G04037Creative PhotographyOP6
3157G04038Methodology of the Graphic Project OP6
3157G04050Photography directionOP6