Terenci Corominas

Terenci Corominas



Direcció, Production

After completing his studies at the ERAM he went to Lincoln, England, where he graduated in Contemporary Lens Media. In 2010 he began to work as an audiovisual filmmaker, participating and carrying out numerous projects in all the audiovisual disciplines, videoclips, art videos, documentaries, spots. Highlights work as Heart Attack of Radical Animal Beat, Bienvenidos from Txarango, Fugate conmigo of Pablo Guirao, Spot of Nespresso, Good times of the Pepper Pots or the historical recreation of 1714 by the Museum of the Born in Barcelona, making the documentary Per primer cop, among others.

His audiovisual pieces are characterized by moving away from conventional audiovisual narrative, by the metaphoric and surreal expression and by a high content of emotional load. At present, he combines his work as a filmmaker in White Leaf Producciones with teaching at the university where he is professor of audiovisual production and audiovisual direction in the degree of Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia.

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