Sílvia Quera

Sílvia Quera


Animation, 3D and VFX

Modelatge 3D, Project management

Once she finished the Degree in Audiovisuals and Multimedia of the ERAM, Silvia continued her studies heading to the sector of the video games with the BA games Arte by the University of Northampton (United Kingdom) and a master in creation of video games.

Silvia is a 3d artist and project manager and while still studying has worked autonomously, with different commissions and companies, such as Sandal Produccions 3d cheerleading. The practices of the degree were carried out in the studio Anticto of Girona, a company of development of independent videogames.

But, above all, she has been working as project manager on the Animal Hero Universe Project, born in the ERAM as a final group work, which later has been developed as a transmedia project, where the main nucleus is a therapeutic video game designed to reinforce and improve certain cognitive abilities in children with Down syndrome (SD). This project has been recognized with 7 awards, among them the winning project in the European Youth Award in the category Smart Learning (2016) and selected project for the University Pitching (Cluster Audiovisual de Catalunya, 1st edition, 2015).

Silvia is currently promoting a new serious games company with the name of Grow in Games Studio, where video games like the Animal Hero will be projected.