Marc Surià

Marc Surià

Cinema & TV

Càmera, Direcció de fotografia

Before finishing the Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication degree, through the university he was able to enter as a creditor in the filming of two feature films. The second feature film was "l'Artèria invisible" by Pere Vilà, in which he participated as a video assistant. There he met a camera crew from Madrid with whom he would later meet twice more in the province of Girona to do "No sé decir adiós" and "Estiu 1993". The two films have the direction of photography of Santiago Racaj AEC, nominated for the Goya in its category for "Estiu 1993".

It was after the filming of this latest project when he decided to move to Madrid where since 2016 he has been working in the camera department in feature film productions, fiction series and advertising. Some featured projects are "El Ministerio del Tiempo" for RTVE, "Viaje al cuarto de una madre" by Celia Rico, "La Virgen de Agosto" by Jonás Trueba, several commercials for the IFA Group and Gasol Foundation, a short documentary of the singer Rosalía, as well as the participation in the short film "Cerdita", winner of the Goya in 2019.

He combines this work with his passion and the reason why he likes to work in fiction productions: photography direction. It began with the final dregree project "Dirty Dishes" and its TFG which was the pivot of the Fimag 2015. He also collaborated with other TFGs such as "Cuatro Meses", "Mi realidad" or the short film "Sesgo" with which he won the Oriana award for the best photography. During his time at Lincoln he worked with the National Center for Craft and Design, preparing a series of documentary videos about various artists.

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