Irene Gironès Martín

Irene Gironès Martín


Web design,

During the Degree in Audiovisual and Multimedia Communication, Irene participated in audiovisual postproduction and as a camera operator in the Tardor TA program. A program about the Temporada Alta festival that was broadcasted through Girona Television.

After finishing the degree, Irene studied business as a production assistant in the Dream Team Concept production company. She highlights his participation in "Memorias de un Hombre en Pijama", winner of the Gaudí award for the best animated film of the year 2019 and nominated for the Goya in the same category.

She was also working as a freelance photographer and collaborating with photographic companies, especially retouching wedding photography.

Later she started the Digital Marketing agency, Fast Digital, as head of Audiovisual Communication, a position she still keeps today. This company has two offices, in Girona and Barcelona.

Irene defines her essence as creative and perfectionist in the tasks she usually develops: web page design, photography sessions, and recording and realization of all kinds of videos and audiovisual projects. Her identity is defined by empathy, enthusiasm and effort to improve day by day.

During all these years she has created projects for leading companies in the world of motoring, hospitality, cooking and interior design, and leisure and entertainment such as Circus Raluy. She has also been working in stands such as in the Mobile World Congress or in fashion projects. In addition, she has had the opportunity to work on different projects with renowned people such as the Roca brothers.

Trailer of Memorias de un Hombre en Pijama

Final degree groupal project