Ignasi Serrat

Ignasi Serrat



Graphic design

Televisió i publicitat,

Graduated in Audiovisual and Multimedia by the University School ERAM, in his first generation of 2009. Throughout his course through the degree, Ignasi had the opportunity to work on different audiovisual projects such as short films, video clips and mappings. In his last course he was an Erasmus in Montpellier (France), where he carried out his business practices in the french study In Efecto. For him, ERAM was a very good stage of his life for his personal, artistic and creative growth, where he finished his final degree project ERAM Planet, a series of 2d graphic animation.

He has worked for international clients such as Michelin, Bollé, Bushnell, Vitamilk and Matahi. Also in the realization of different products like: the documentary "Une Chambre Syrienne", collaborating in the promotional films of the "Festival International du Court Métrage de Clermont Ferrand 2015", "2017", the festival "Explosive Pride Montpellier 2015", for The animated series "Flamen'Comic" and the trailer of the animated film "Josep". His position has been infographist 2d/3d generalist and has worked as an audiovisual designer, graphic artist, Grapher, animator, 3d Modeler and Tracker, colorist and FX Artist.

Passionate about animation and 2d and 3d art, Ignasi is considered a perfectionist and a curious person, who tries to bring a creative and detailed sensibility in his work. Currently, Ignasi continues to work In Efecto as an audiovisual designer and Iconografista, specifically specializing in Motion Design and postproduction.

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