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Ferran Altarriba



Interactive design

Interactive design, Investigació

After finishing the studies at the ERAM, Ferran completed a Top-up in interactive Design at the University of Lincoln (UK). After graduating, he moved to Pittsburgh (Pennsylvania, USA) to work as a visiting researcher at Carnegie Mellon University's Robotics Institute, where he combined R & D, creativity and transmedia content design. At the same time, Ferran continued to develop his research line, including the publication of academic articles, carrying out teaching tasks to IEBS Business School, or by establishing collaborations with various institutions (e.g. the Institute of Photonic Sciences (ICFO)

Ferran then moved to Denmark to pursue a Master of Science in IT Product design at the University of Southern Denmark, where he specialized in participatory design. Ferran conducted his master thesis to ElBulliLab, in collaboration with Ferran Adrià, where he investigated the potential of the game and social interaction as enhancers of the culinary experience. After finishing the master's studies, Ferran received the prestigious postgraduate fellowship from La Caixa, which allowed Ferran to move to Santa Cruz (California, United States) to continue his academic career. 

Currently, Ferran is pursuing a PhD in interactive Technologies (PhD in Computational Media) at the University of California Santa Cruz, and is part of the Social and Emotional Technology Lab research group led by Katherine Isbister. Her research aims to discover new ways of designing technology in common use so that not only respond to functional or productive aspects, but also in response to the social, recreational and emotional needs of people. As part of his academic research, Ferran has published his meetings to conferences of broad international recognition

(f. ex. Gamification World Congress '13, in Barcelona; SIDeR'16 and '17, in the Netherlands and Sweden; NordiCHI'16, in Sweden; EFOOD, in Lisbon; DIS'17 and '18, in Scotland and Hong Kong; Or CHI, in Escòcia) and academic journals (f. ex. Bit and apart or International Journal of Food Design). In parallel with his research, Ferran collaborates with various institutions as a consultant in design of playful experiences, both professional and teaching, such as Kolding Designskolen in Denmark

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