Àlex Vicente

Àlex Vicente



Cinema, Production

Àlex is essentially dedicated to film shoots combined with advertising spots. His department is the production, where he started as a scholar, through meritorious, auxiliary, etc.

While studying the Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia worked in his first two films as a scholar, and just at the end of the degree made his first film as meritorious. Since then he has been fully engaged in this trade.

He has worked in companies such as Mediapro, Minoría Absoluta, Avalon, Rodar y Rodar, Inicia Films, Nevada, Canada, etc. It has focused mainly in the city of Barcelona and surroundings, but I have also worked on filming by the Empordà, Girona, Garrotxa, Delta del Ebro, Almería, France.

Álex has been part of the production of films as No sé Decir adiós and Verano 1993, awarded throughout the world as in the Berlinale, the Goyas, Feroz, Biznaga and Gaudí in the case of Verano 1993. He has also worked with directors such as Carla Simón, Jaime Rosales, Juanma Bajo Ulloa, Marc Crehuet. As for advertising spots has collaborated with companies such as Canon and Skoda. And finally, as personal projects has some video clips and short films.

He is currently working on a film with a social character on the homeless.