Alejandro Maestra

Alejandro Maestra


Càmera, Televisió i publicitat

Alejandro is an aerial chamber operator and before settling in this profession he performed the Audiovisual and Multimedia Degree practices of the ERAM in the 8TV channel, rolling in the Catalunya en directe program.

Since the first year of career, Alejandro was already filming different companies, apart from those of the ERAM. This is how he opened a world as a freelancer in the field of filming in 360º and virtual reality once he finished the studies. That made him come to the company Octocamvision, the number 1 company in Europe in drones and engineering 360 º in filming. He now works in the high-level advertising and film industry, with brands such as Heineken, Easy Jet, Sköda, Ford, Honda, among many others.

He is currently working in the Basque Country with director Xavi Giménez (Director of the film Palmeras en la Nieve) in his latest film.

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