Aida P Fita

Aida P Fita


Redactor, Postproducció

Aida is a writer and editor of Audiovisuals. After completing the Degree in Audiovisual Communication and Multimedia in ERAM, she studied business practices as a scriptwriter and editor in the producer Alguna Pregunta S.L. and, before completing the practices, hired her as editor of the program "Alguna Pregunta Més?".

She is also studying dubbing and has put a voice to some part of the program. Her intention is to devote herself professionally, but without leaving the audiovisuals. In addition, she has worked in the new program of Atresmedia called "Random Neox" and has participated in the documentary "Desenterrant el Negre" that was recognized in the year 2016 in the awards "comUNIca 2016" and the same year was nominated for best Documentary at the International Festival of Cinema in Catalan (FIC-CAT).

This summer he has been able to make a radio program for the station SER Catalunya with the project out of the ERAM: Rumescu, in which she has carried out the function of producer and co-presenter. Also, as she have been studying dubbing, she has participated in some pieces by the APM? And the program "¿Qué puede salir mal?" of Atresmedia Corporation.

All Aida mounted and folded parts can be found on her YouTube channel: Aida P Fita

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