1. Because our profession continues to grow. You will work in a strong sector that hardly knows the crisis and has significant growth rates.
  2. Because the profile transmedia provides many opportunities. You can apply for various jobs related to audiovisual communication and multimedia with its specialties, such as video games, advertising, film, photography, etc.
  3. So you get a double degree: Top-up. You can do a fifth year at a university in the UK or Denmark.
  4. Because we have all the necessary technology and infrastructure. The new headquarters, Cultural Factory Coma-Cros, the Science and Technology Park, Bloom center 3D and emerging technologies and the Business Incubator Salt, among others, guarantee infrastructure perfectly adapted to the needs of demanding studies in this regard.
  5. Because we are pioneers in multimedia education.   The ERAM College, founded in 1998, distributes audiovisual and multimedia studies since 2001, as the title itself, and from 2009 as an official degree.
  6. Because our teaching staff is expert. The teaching staff consists of professionals active in audiovisual communication specialists.
  7. Because our studies are multidisciplinary and cross. They integrate both disciplines related to visual communication (visual, graphic design, multimedia, photos, etc.)
  8. Because we attach great importance to creativity. Our study plan devoted 200 hours of classes (20 credits) to encourage creativity.
  9. Because we are a vocational college. From the first day combine theory and practice.
  10. Because the classes are not overcrowded. We limit the number of seats to provide a quality learning and personalized to the student.


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