It introduces students to the contemporary sociological, historical and philosophical debates, based on questions around human identity, the possibilities of language and the role of culture.

Learning outcomes:

  • From Modernity to Postmodernity (Walter Benjamin).
  • The state: from government of complex society to government of liquid society (Machiavelli, Montesquieau, Lenin).
  • The nation (Renan, Bauer, Pujol).
  • War: Philosophy of war, non-violence, total war, modern war.
  • Democracy.
  • Work, globalization and the welfare state.
  • Women: gender, inequality, women philosophers (Arendt, Beauvoir).
  • Environment: climate change and current debates.
  • Sources of information: access to information, censorship, ethics and big data.
  • Discursive fallacies and critical discourse analysis.